President: Michael Clarke

Vice Presidents: Paul Kornycky, Kate Robertson

Hon. Life Members: Sue Beckwith-Smith, M Clarke, Mrs V Clarke, Mr M Hall, Mr J Hedger, Dave Ockenden


Chairman: Richard Haigh

Vice Chairman: vacant

Hon. Secretary: Steve Kenward

Show Secretary: Simon Quail

Hon. Treasurer: Steve Kenward

Membership Secretary: Simon Quail (2022 only)

Committee Members: Molly Cross, Pam Lean

Dog Show Organizers: Horsham and District Canine Society

Main Co-ordinators

Plant Stall Co-ordinator: Molly Cross
Summer Show Logistics: Alison Haigh

Bric-a-Brac Co-ordinator: Katy Rapley

Tombola Co-ordinator: Kate Robertson

Produce Co-ordinator: Jenny Griffin

Summer Show Teas: Sue Wightman

Spring & Autumn and AGM Slide Show: Rosemary Townsend
Summer: Chris Silk

Communications and website: John Sherlock

To contact the offices of the committee and the main coordinators please consult the Members’ Handbook