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First time exhibiting?

If this is your first time entering one of our shows, here are some simple guidelines. You might want to print out this page.


Step 1: find out the ‘class number’ of the item you’re going to enter. Class numbers are listed in the association’s handbook, and if you haven’t got a copy to hand then you can download one from this website by clicking or tapping in the appropriate place near the top of this page. You need a class number for each item you’re going to exhibit.


Step 2: go to the online Show Entry Form (clicking or tapping here will take you straight to it) and fill it in. If you haven’t got a membership number (or can’t remember it) just put a zero. Also you can leave the age blank unless you’re under 15. Press ‘submit’ on the form and it’ll send all the details to our Show Secretary. Please do all this before 10pm on the Thursday before a show.


Step 3: on the morning of the show, turn up with your exhibit(s) at the venue (exact timings are always specified for each show), pay your dues to the Show Secretary who will give you a printed card for each exhibit. Set out your exhibit(s) on one of the tables (each class has its designated space) and hope for the best! There are usually people to help if you’re not quite sure what to do. Judging takes place at lunchtime, and in the afternoon we find out the results!


Although our association is frequently commended for the high quality of its exhibits, don’t let this put you off. If you fear your offering is not ‘good enough’, remember that the emphasis is on enjoyment, and it’s the QUANTITY of entries that makes a show good. If in doubt, enter it!

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