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Thank you for entering our Virtual Spring Show, Whereas this may not fully replace the real thing it does give us an impression of what it could have been  - a brilliant display as befitting one of our shows. I think this is a great compliment to our members and particularly those who take part.


Regarding judging, firstly I am not a judge so I have viewed the entries on content rather than their photographic merit as this was not a photography competition. I have given some licence to the usual rules such as not expecting entries to be in vases but I did follow the rule on how many stems of flowers should be present in each class. Where a class only attracted one entry I have commented rather than awarding a first place.  Please remember this is a Virtual Spring Show, so my judging is also virtual and may or may not represent the official RHS judging at a real show,  so here goes –


Class 1. Susan Beerling and Vera Clarke both with commendable entries but no first awarded due to only one stem in each picture rather than the required 3.


Class 2. No entries


Class 3. In first place Kate Robertson – the picture provided by Kate most clearly shows the attributes of a Division 1 Daffodil where the corona is as long as or longer than the perianth segments.  If this had been a photography competition the entries from Richard Munford, Vera Clarke and Zoe Childs would have been close firsts.


Class 4. Simon Quail’s ‘Banker’ Daffodil just pushes into first place because from the pictures available in this class it is the closest to showing the attributes of a Division 2 Daffodil I.e. large corona more than one-third but less than equal to the length of the perianth segments.


Class 5. Two excellent entries.  I’m discounting my own entry for obvious reasons. The winning entry goes to Richard Munford. Both Richard’s and Jeff Green’s pictures are brilliant.


Class 6. Commendable entry from Richard Munford.


Class 7. Commendable entry from Roland Butcher.


Class 8. Commendable entry from Richard  Munford.


Class 9. Commendable entry from Simon Quail.


Class 10. Two commendable entries from Jan Butcher and Simon Quail. The entry from Jan just takes first, however, Simon’s entry is an excellent photograph.


Class 11. Commendable entry from Kate Robertson.


Class 12. Another great entry from Richard Munford.


Class 13. Excellent picture from Bianca Hegde, however Peter Gooch takes first with the 5 hellebore flower heads in a bowl of water.


Class 14. Simon Quail takes the first here with a colourful picture of winter pansies.


Class 15. A good crop of entries for this class so I decided to split the class into a succulent sub-class and a cactus sub-class.  For the succulent sub-class the winner is Jeff Green and in the cactus sub-class the winner is Marilyn Quail.


Class 16. Joint first goes to the Napiers, Patricia and Robert (I hope this doesn’t cause any arguments!)


Class 17. Two colourful entries win joint first for Rosa Dennis and Chris Westbrook.


Class 18. The peony wins the flowering shrub/tree class for Edward Butler.


Class 19.  I have judged this class based on what I believe 9 stems would have looked like in the real show and based on the pictures provided. The winner goes to Jan Butcher.


Class 20. Some very good pictures in this class, the winner is Brenda Westbrook


Class 21. A class attracting 8 entries the winner being the fabulous Clivia miniate owned and carefully attended by Richard Griffin.


Class 22. A good win for Rosemary Townsend with 6 flower heads in a case as per Members’ Handbook.


Class 23. No entries.


Class 24. Commendable entry from Vera Clarke.


Class 25. A close run thing Camellia blooms therefore I have awarded joint first places to Marilyn and Simon Quail, Julia Beagley and Jan Butcher.


Classes 26-29. No entries


Class 30. A good looking Simnel cake from Marilyn Quail. Also good looking hot cross buns from Rosemary Townsend presented as a substitute for the Simnel cake due to a shortage of flour, close but no cigar Rosemary.


Classes 31 and 32. No entries.


Class 33. Good looking gypsy creams from Vera Clarke, Mike just left you enough to take a picture!


And finally a special mention to Richard Munford for presenting so many pictures in many of the different classes. As I say so many times whenever I get talking about our shows, it is the number of entries that makes the show not just the winning entries. Yes it does take time and patience to present entries at their best but it is rewarding and I thank Richard as well as all the other members who entered our Virtual Spring Show.


And finally, finally, I’ve added a class of my own, and it is the entry of entries and is based on all the pictures provided, so my entry of entries is the fabulous Clivia miniate entered by Richard Griffin. Richard, please look after it well and hopefully we can all see it for real at next year’s Spring Show.

Richard Haigh (Chairman)