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Spring Show: FLOWERS

See page 31 of handbook for daffodil classification

Class 1: Vase of 3 stems of double daffodils

Class 2: Vase of mixed Daffodil varieties (not more than 9 stems) grown in Rudgwick or Ellens Green

Class 3: One specimen stem Daffodil, Division 1

Class 4: One specimen stem Daffodil, Division 2

Class 5: One specimen stem Daffodil, Division 3

Class 6: Vase of 3 stems white petal Daffodils, any Division (see RHS Show Handbook)

Class 7: Vase of 3 stems Daffodils, white excluded, Division 1

Class 8: Vase of 3 stems Daffodils, Division 2

Class 9: Vase of 3 stems Daffodils, Division 3

Class 10: Vase of 3 stems of Jonquilla or Tazetta daffodil Divisions 7/8

Class 11: Vase of 3 stems Cyclamen type Daffodil (see RHS Show Handbook)

Class 12: 3 Vases each of 3 Daffodils, 3 distinct varieties

Class 13: Display of 5 Hellebore flower heads in water (your own bowl or dish)

Class 14: Vase of 5 winter flowering pansies

Class 15: Cactus or succulent in a pot

Class 16: 1 planted pot of spring flowers

Class 17: Vase of mixed bulb or corm flowers (not more than 7 stems)

Class 18: Vase of one variety of any flowering shrub or tree (not more than 5 stems)

Class 19: Vase of any one kind of hardy flower, excluding Daffodil and Tulip (not more than 9 stems)

Class 20: One pot plant - foliage

Class 21: One pot plant - flowering

Class 22: Vase of not more than 6 Primroses

Class 23: Vase of mixed flowers, with or without foliage, not more than 9 stems. Bulbs excluded

Class 24: One vase of one variety of bulbous flowers, any small-flag spaces (narcissi excluded)

Class 25: One spray Camellia blooms (grown in open)