Division F FLOWERS

Open Class

F1. A vase of mixed perennials, not more than 7 stems. Roses and shrubs excluded


F2. 9 mixed Sweet Peas


F3. One specimen stem of Sweet Pea


F4. Display of 6 Fuchsia heads in wet oasis - can be different varieties


F5. A pot plant with foliage only


F6. A pot plant with flowers or fruit


F7 A vase of 3 stems Hemerocallis (Day Lily) any variety

F8. A vase of 3 stems Pelargoniumes (tender geraniums) any variety

F9. One specimen rose
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F10. A vase of mixed roses - 5 stems, 3 or more varieties

F11. A vase of mixed shrubs, flowering or foliage, not more than 5 stems

F12. A vase of one variety of annuals, not more than 3 stems

F13. A vase of mixed annuals - 5 stems


F14. A vase of 5 Stems of Lavender