Division D Vegetables

Open Class

D1. 5 single vegetables (a pod of beans or peas etc.) presented on an A4 sheet of paper

D2. 4 potatoes, white variety
D3. 4 potatoes, a coloured variety
D4. 3 garlic bulbs
D5. 2cabbages
D6. 4 onions with roots, tops trimmed to approx 75mm
D7. A collection of 4 salad vegetables/fruits displayed in a basket or trug chosen from

lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, green salad onions, beetroot, sweet peppers, radishes,

Florence fennel
D8. 3 courgettes - approx. 150mm in length
D9. 6 pods broad beans
D10. 2 lettuces, loose leaf
D11. 2 lettuces, Butterhead, Cos or Crisp
D12. 6 French beans
D13. 4 stalks rhubarb, leaves trimmed to approx. 75mm
D14. 6 radishes, small salad
D15. 6 pods peas
D16. 6 pods, mangetout or snap
D17. 3 globe beetroot, with tops trimmed to approx. 75mm
D18. 3 carrots, long pointed. Tops trimmed to approx. 75mm
D19. 3 carrots, stump rooted. Tops trimmed to approx. 75mm
D20. 2 cucumbers - grown under protection
D21. Any other vegetable. Quantities: minimum of 2, or 5 if small

D22. Collection of 5 named culinary herbs - in water